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Dear friends, partners and companions,

Who isn’t thinking of Baby when they hear “The time of my life” or of Eddie Murphy’s legendary grin when they hear “Axel F.”? These are, admittedly, examples of very successful film music hits, but a lot of film music remains without a memorable name. The International Academy of Media and Arts e. V. has given itself the task of changing this.

The GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD in Halle (Saale), which takes place annually as part of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt, highlights the importance of film music. Nowhere else in Germany is this special form of music so appreciated as it is in the birthplace of Handel. We, the International Academy of Media and Arts e. V., have now been organising the GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD together with the German Film Composers’ Union (DEFKOM) for 9 years.

All participants plan and organise the event year after year with dedication and enthusiasm. Our greatest joy is to see the excitement of all the guests, nominees, award winners and participants on the evening of the awards gala, to provide a stage for the new generation, the exciting compositions and projects, and to guide and support their developments. The award aims to raise the levels of awareness for film music in general and the genre, as well as all of those involved in the creation process in particular. With its national significance and charisma, the prize helps to honour composers and their work.

To be able to put all this together not only requires enthusiasm and organisational talent, but also financial resources. As a non-profit organisation, our work depends on funding and financial support through donations and sponsorships.

We kindly ask for your financial support and look forward to your donations, which make the GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD and the work of both the talented contributors and our work visible!

Thank you very much!

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