About us

Who we are

The International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. (IAMA for short) is the association of leading media companies from the creative industries and institutions in Saxony-Anhalt.
We help to support, develop and network the media infrastructure in Central Germany. In doing so, we provide education, training and further education services in the media and cultural education sector, incorporating the digital possibilities and opportunities. We also develop business models for and with the key players in the cultural and media industry in Central Germany.

What we do

Our work takes place in the following three focus fields:


The Academy holds workshops and further education courses in the fields of post-production, VFX and animation which are oriented to the market and the needs of the industry. National and international experts advise us on the content and provide support to the participants.

→ Our workshops and further education courses:

Postproduction Supervisor - PROFESSIONALS

VFX Artist

Animation Masterclass



Film Music Days (19th-25th November 2023):
With the Film Music Days, the IAMA hosts an annual space for encounters and discussions surrounding film and music. Industry representatives from the fields of film music,
composition, sound design, film production, post-production as well as fans of film music meet in Halle to create a colourful programme of events. In 2022, the Film Music Days celebrated its 15th anniversary.

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KlangART Vision (April – November 2023):
The KlangART Vision festival addresses the area of contemporary music, focusing on musical creativity at various locations in Saxony-Anhalt. The festival isn’t dedicated to one genre or one location, though, and is aimed at a diverse audience with talented young people, artists from the local region and internationally-acclaimed ensembles.

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German Film Music Award (24th November 2023):
In collaboration with the German Film Composers’ Union we have been honouring the work of film music composers with the German Film Music Award since 2014. The award is presented at an awards gala.

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Since 2021, with SOUND & INDUSTRIES, IAMA has been focusing on the sounds that are created between and by people and machines.

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Our executive board

Photo: Joachim Blobel

From left to right:

Burkhard Fieber
Markus Steffen (Artistic director KlangART Vision and Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt)
Verena Schneider
Alexander Thies (chair)

Our staff team

Markus Steffen

Artistic director festivals

Markus Steffen is the artistic director of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt. He is qualified in publishing management and has worked in the music and media world since 1989. After assignments at Teldec/eastwest records and Sony Classical International, he was marketing director for Classical Music & Jazz at Warner Music Germany from 1995 to 2001. Since 2001 he has been part of musicas.de gmbH in Hamburg and Halle (Saale), which offers individual consulting services to artists as well as to various branches of the industry in the creative, marketing and sales areas. In this context he develops concepts in the field of music / books / audio books and designs concert and festival projects, which his agency implements nationwide with various partners.


E-Mail: markus@musicas.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Annegret Renner

Festivals and events project coordinator

Annegret Renner has been managing the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt since 2020. As a media and communications specialist from Leipzig, after working in film and television production, Annegret has organised a variety of projects in the field of festivals, events, further education and networking at IAMA since 2015. She is also the contact person for the enquiries by the association and the executive board.


E-Mail: a.renner@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Christiane Blobel

Further education project manager

Christiane Blobel has been developing the part of the IAMA Academy at our location which is dedicated to the film and media industry since 2021. As a media and communications specialist from Halle (Saale), she has been involved in the management of the projects at IAMA since 2011.


E-Mail: c.blobel@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Marvin Gompelmann

Projekt organisation

Marvin studied Events Management and Technology, and worked on various projects in the Giessen area as a freelancer while completing his studies. He has been supporting Christiane in the Academy since the spring of 2023. As a rap artist and event organiser, events are his passion.


E-Mail: m.gompelmann@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Rebekka Hörnig

Project assistant, social media & content management

Rebekka is studying Media and Communication Sciences and Psychology for bachelor’s degree at MLU. She provides us with support in the areas of social media, content management and project organisation in particular.


E-Mail: r.hoernig@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Julia Kubiczek

Project organisation

Julia Kubiczek is in charge of the submissions for the GERMAN FILM MUSIC AWARD and is the contact person at IAMA for the organization of the gala concert of the Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to her expertise as a media and communication scientist, she has been contributing her know-how in the field of music to the team and projects since 2017.


E-Mail: j.kubiczek@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Anne Kusche

Project organisation & office administration

Anne studied Translation and Interpreting in Magdeburg and Leipzig before working in project management for a translation services provider. Since the summer of 2022, she has been supporting IAMA in the fields of office administration and project organisation.


E-Mail: a.kusche@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

Eva Maas

Project organisation

Eva Maas studied Communication and Media Studies in Leipzig and World Heritage Studies in Cottbus, before working for the International Short Film Festival interfilm, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Digital Impact Labs Leipzig. She has been supporting the IAMA in the area of events since the spring of 2022.


E-Mail: e.maas@iama-halle.de

Phone: +49 345 77784458

How it all began


The International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. (IAMA) was founded by a group of leading film and media producers in Halle on 18th November 2004, and has been based in the MMZ (Middle German Multimedia Centre) in Halle since 2005. Its founding members included Bavaria Film GmbH, Saxonia Film GmbH as well as the Central German Film and Television Producers Association.

Kick-off – The first EAM (European Animation Masterclass)

The active work of the IAMA started on 17th May 2005 with the launch of the first European Animation Masterclass, EAM. Ten young animators from Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany completed a seven-month master class with leading international instructors. The masterclass guided the participants through all the production areas in the field of animation. During the masterclass, they learned the basics of Analysing Motion, Creating Motion and Character Acting and developed their own stories. These were then developed and realised in the form of their own cartoon films. The EAM on Tour was an important part of the first masterclass.

Under the auspices of the International Academy of Media and Arts in Halle, in July 2005, representatives of various European animation schools met for a joint workshop with the European Animation Masterclass in Turin/Italy, including schools from Italy, Spain, France and the Czech Republic. Following from the EAM 2005, the participants completed a two- month internship in a European animation film studio. In 2010, following an analysis of the needs of the animation sector, the EAM was divided into
special offerings for graduates and students (EAMgraduate) and professionals (EAMprofessional).

Graduates of earlier EAM courses are currently working at leading studios, such as Aardman, MotionWorks and Trikk17. Many of the alumni are scattered all over the world as freelance artists and film-makers. Some have found their way back to IAMA and passed on their experiences as lecturers at the European Animation Masterclass.