Part of the series FILM-SOUND-POST
23rd November 2023, Dolby Atmos mixing studio at Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum (MMZ) Halle (Saale), Mansfelder Straße 56, 06108 Halle (Saale)

With the continuation of the FILM-SOUND-POST III – Workshop we dedicate ourselves to the topic Dolby Atmos in the film, TV and music production. The workshop is aimed at producers, production managers, sound mixers, sound designers and composers and is intended to raise awareness of the possibilities and use of Dolby Atmos. It is about teaching the basics, the distribution in studios, cinemas, home theaters and other forms of playback (VoD, Apple TV, etc.) of Dolby Atmos. An expert from Dolby Europe and a mixing engineer will provide practical information on production and application possibilities based on case studies. At the postproduction location Halle (Saale), the participants will find the best conditions in the Dolby Atmos Studio in the Central German Multimedia Center.


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  • 11.00 Uhr – Accreditation & Coffee
  • 11.30 – 13.00 – David Ziegler: Dolby Atmos: Overview. Workflow. Costs. Distribution
  • 13 – 13.45 Uhr – Lunch break
  • 14 – 15.30 Uhr – Christoph de la Chevallerie: Dolby Atmos: What can I do with it? Hands-on* film example: Set-up, Mixing and creative possibilities – Part 1
  •  15.30 – 16.00 Uhr – Coffee break
  •  16 – 17.45 Uhr – Christoph de la Chevallerie: Dolby Atmos: What can I do with it? Hands-on* film example: Set-up, Mixing and creative possibilities – Part 2

*You can hand in own short projects for the hands-on part in advance.



David Ziegler

Content Relations Manager for Dolby Europe

David Ziegler works as Content Relations Manager for Dolby Europe and supports content creators such as producers, post supervisors, sound studios, composers and mix engineers in their work with Dolby Atmos for film, TV and music. David studied Diplom Tonmeister at Babelsberg Film University and worked as a sound designer and re-recording mixer on TV and feature film productions before joining Dolby in 2012.

Dolby Atmos for film, television and music – for immersive sound in cinemas and living rooms.

Consumers around the world enjoy the immersive, object-based sound of Dolby Atmos in movie theaters and on streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, in computer games, and while listening to their favorite songs on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Tidal.

This talk will give an overview of the creative possibilities, technical background, and workflow of Dolby Atmos – and show how you can use Dolby Atmos in your next production.

More about David Ziegler: David Ziegler | LinkedIn

Christoph de la Chevallerie

Mixing sound master

Christoph de la Chevallerie is a mixing sound engineer, specializing in film mixing, recording and mixing film scores as well as mixing international feature films for the German market.

After a year at the Deutsches Theater, it was off to the inspiring Film University Potsdam, where Christoph had the opportunity to learn from renowned sound engineers Martin Steyer, Frank Kruse, Peter Fuchs, Bernd Wefelmeyer and Hubertus Rath. In 2018, he graduated with honors with a Master of Fine Arts degree in “Sound for Picture”. In addition to his studies, Christoph worked at the Babelsberg Film Orchestra, for several years at Deutschlandradio Kultur in the field of music recording and concert broadcasts, and was involved in many freelance film and film music projects. He was appointed to the appointment committee of the “W3 Professorship for Sound Mixing and Sound Dramaturgy” by the Film University for the development of the course and was also called in as an external consultant after graduation for the repositioning of the course. During his studies, he also began working as a mixing engineer at Berliner Synchron, now Iyuno Media Group.

He is now responsible there as Head of Sound for high-profile film productions in Dolby ATMOS, the team and workflow development of sound production as well as the conception of new studios in one of the largest media companies worldwide. Numerous films for which Christoph was responsible for the film mix won international awards.

More about Christoph de la Chevallerie:

Participation in the workshop FILM-SOUND-POST III is free of charge. A contribution towards expenses will be charged for catering after registration.

No documents are required for participation.

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