Continuing vocational training


  • 12th – 14th February 2024, 9.30am – 5pm
  • 17th Februar 2024
  • Location: Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale)


Photos: Joachim Blobel

One of the most important steps in post-production is color grading.

Color Grading is a significant process for developing aspects of the story supported, such as the time period, time of day and location of the plot, as well as the genre. Furthermore, you can create and enhance moods, match different materials, apply VFX effects and do small retouching directly. In the field of advertising and music videos, there are hardly any boundaries for the different looks to fascinate and captivate the recipients. New developments, especially in the area of display (HDR) in recent years, have also expanded the responsibilities and the scope of work of colorists. At the same time, affordable grading systems such as DaVinci Resolve have significantly facilitated and shaped access to the market. However, without essential basic knowledge, elaborate workflows and thoughtful preparation, the required professional result can often not be achieved.


Day 1, Dirk Meier: Human visual perception, Color spaces, Color Science Foundations, Workflow Founders, Color Management and Tool Analysis

→ Day 2, Dirk Meier: Looks and LUTs, Look Development Tools and Procedures

→ Day 3, Edmond Laccon/Dirk Meier: Case study with mini-series in HDR for NETFLIX (preparation, workflow, tech specs), preparation and collaboration with camera department and colorists

→ Day 4, Felix Hüsken: HDR and especially Dolby Vision Workflow


Dirk Meier

Colorist and Head of Studies

At the beginning of his career in the film industry as a co-founder of the company “director’s friend” Dirk Meierfacilitated the digital recording of Aleksander Sokurov’s one-take film RUSSIAN ARK and supervised it on site. Afterwards he moved to post-production and specialized in color grading in addition to consulting for digital workflows. Since 2005, he has worked as a freelance colorist for companies in the country and abroad, including Lars von Trier’s ANTICHRIST, Sebastian Lelio’s Oscar-winning A FANTASTIC WOMAN, Alice Rohrwacher’S HAPPY AS LAZZARO and Roy Andersson’s ABOUT ENDLESSNESS.

Since 1998 he has been holding lectures and workshops, especially for German and Scandinavian film universities, educators and the Berlinale Talents. From 2015 to 2019, he designed and led UP.GRADE, the world’s first full-time international training programme for colorists at the DFFB in Berlin.

Dirk Meier is a member of the professional association Cinematography, the international Colorist Society and the IMAGO Technical Committee.

More about Dirk Meier:

Felix Hüsken

Freelance Colorist and Consultant

Felix Hüsken studied “Media Design and Informatics” at the University of Bielefeld and has been working as a freelance colorist, display calibrator and consultant since 2010. He is mainly active in the feature film and series sector, where he appreciates the creative work together with DOPs as well as the diverse technical challenges. For example, he worked early on in ACES and was involved in the establishment of HDR workflows; two topics that are now an integral part of post-production.

His CV includes award-winning feature films such as “Deutschstunde”, elaborate series such as “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” and “Bad Banks”, as well as in-depth documentaries such as “Searching Eva”.

Felix is a member of the Professional Association of Cinematographers (BVK), the Austrian Association of Cinematographers (AAC) and the Colorist Society International (CSI).

Further information can be found at

Edmond Laccon

Colour & Look Development Technologist, Netflix

A former documentary camera operator, Edmond became a colourist in 2013. A graduate of UP.GRADE (the Berlin-based postgraduate colour grading programme) he was taught by some of the most respected professionals in the post-production industry before becoming head of the programme in 2019.

His passion is lecturing on visual development, creative collaboration and colour grading as well as grading longform projects himself.

In 2021 he was shortlisted for FilmLight Colour Awards in the Theatrical Feature category and since 2022 he has supported Netflix productions as a colour and look development technologist across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

More about Edmond Laccon:


The vocational training is primarily aimed at junior colorists, digital image technicians (DITs), interested people from post-production companies, freelancers with first experience. Colourist and Head of Studies Dirk Meier, together with Felix Hüsken and Edmond Laccon, provides you with expertise and competences in the areas of color spaces, workflow, looks & LUTs, tools and use, HDR and Dolby Vision


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Complete course (4 days, inluding hands-on session for HDR/Dolby-Vision): 450,00 Euro* (+ 7% taxes) per participant

The fee includes working materials from the experts, an example project and includes catering. Not included are costs for travelling and stay.

* Members of the International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. (IAMA) and the Producer Alliance (PA) receive a 15% discount on the participation fee. Please indicate in in your registration if applicable.

The Sachsen-Anhalt Investment Bank also provides funding for the payment of participation fees in the field of further training

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The Color Grading course is made possible by a grant from the state of Saxony-Anhalt from the MedienPro program.