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About the project

The AUDIO:VISIONEN podcast originated from the digital conversation format “Filmmusik AKTUELL” of the International Academy of Media and Arts, which was launched in June 2021. It connects the audiovisual training sector with the events of the IAMA, where stars, industry, young people, and interested laypersons come together at congresses, workshops, and concerts, network and create exciting projects.

AUDIO:VISIONEN expands this series of events into the net and into the world of podcasts. The discourse about film, sounds, and music of the present and future is now accessible not only to our event guests, but also permanently to everyone. During the dialog, exciting industry personalities report on their everyday working lives and activities – and also look into the future.

Further seasons of the podcast are planned beyond 2022, including with partners from universities, universities of applied sciences, the German Film Composers Union (DEFKOM), industry experts, and successful young composers as well as international
greats as star guests.

While the first season was already successfully released in 2022, the SPECIAL EDITION was also very well received at MusicMatch in Dresden. A second season is in production and will launch on 20th September 2023.


Presenters Anna Schürmer & Franziska Kollinger, photo: Joachim Blobel I Studio Mitte Media Production