• 15th-17th May in Halle (Saale), after that weekly online sessions
  • 28th June: Final presentation and feedback in person
  • Language: English

This training initiative is an integral component of the “Animation Masterclass” qualification series offered by the International Academy of Media & Arts (IAMA) in the field of animation. Drawing upon extensive experience gained through the execution of the European Animation Masterclass, IAMA provides career-oriented training modules in various disciplines such as Storyboard, Modeling, Rigging/Skinning/Texturing, Background and Camera Layout, Animation, and Compositing. Renowned industry experts ensure a comprehensive learning experience, offering ongoing project-specific coaching to participants.

The current workshop within the “Animation Masterclass” series caters to individuals aspiring to breathe life into 3D characters and backgrounds and specifically delves into the art of animating characters with expressive depth.


In the realm of 3D animation, animated figures serve as the actors portraying their respective roles, guided frame by frame by animators. The movements possible are determined by the rig – the skeleton of figures with movable joints – provided as the foundation for animation. Animators, with precision, dictate the poses characters assume and modulate their facial expressions to convey emotions. Timing plays a crucial role, shaping frame by frame the performance of characters.

3D animation finds applications in films, series, games, as well as marketing and advertising.


The “3D Character Animation” workshop primarily targets junior artists seeking to enhance their skills in the professional animation field, while also welcoming curious newcomers and those with preliminary experience. Basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya or other 3D animation technologies is helpful. The workshop, conducted in English, accommodates professionals seeking part-time education. No software training will be provided.


During the workshop, participants engage in practical tasks, applying their newly acquired knowledge week by week. Experts provide online support.

  • Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge about animation processes
  • Theoretical and practical instruction in animation principles, the foundation of compelling and authentic character animation
  • Supervised, shot-based 3D character animation as a practical exercise using Autodesk Maya Animation Software

The workshop comprises a weekend in Halle an der Saale and a six-week online phase with weekly coaching by animation expert Iulian Grigoriu. Participants create character animations for two characters from the “Wormworld Saga” project (https://wormworldsaga.com).

The focus is on hands-on learning, demonstrating how different character traits manifest in their movements, such as a brief run. Characters and backgrounds required for this purpose, generated in preceding workshops, along with professional scene preparation for animation, are provided.

Results from all participants will be presented at the end of the workshop, receiving detailed feedback from industry experts.




Animation Director

Iulian Grigoriu, born in 1975 in Bucharest, is an experienced animation director holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National University of Arts Bucharest. His diverse career includes projects such as the feature films “Ellie” (Eagle Eye GmbH) and “Die Olchies” (WunderWerk GmbH), as well as the second season of the CGI TV series “Tilda” for KIKA.

Leveraging his extensive expertise, Grigoriu leads animation teams globally, conducting actor sessions with animators and employing creative approaches such as thumbnailing and visual proposals. Known for close collaboration with productions and directors, Grigoriu consistently achieves outstanding animation results.

“In recent years, I have continuously honed my skills and knowledge as an animation director by leading multiple teams from different parts of the world. I possess extensive experience in overseeing the animation team, from animatics to final animation, while maintaining close relationships with production and the director. My personal approach includes actor sessions with animators to ensure a deeper and better understanding of the characters.”

Learn more about Iulian Grigoriu: http://megrig.blogspot.com/



Romy Roolf has been dedicated to animated film since 1995.

Before co-founding MotionWorks in Halle in 1998 with Tony Loeser, she worked in production and global distribution for the CineVox Company Group (including “The NeverEnding Story” animated series, “Hansel and Gretel in the Enchanted Forest” animated film, “Lorenz in the Land of Liars” hybrid film). Prior experiences include positions at Lightview Entertainment Los Angeles, Aspekt Telefilm Hamburg, and serving as the managing director of Video Vision GmbH Berlin.

During her tenure at MotionWorks (now Mideufilms since October 2021), Romy Roolf held a leadership role with a focus on financing, production, exploitation, and packaging of international co-productions for many years. She was responsible for films like “Mullewapp I & II” (GER/I/F), series such as “The Adventures of Young Marco Polo I & II” (GER/CDN/LUX/IRE), “I got a Rocket” (GER/USA/AUS) – an Emmy Award winner, and the recent hybrid film “Coppelia” (NL/GER/BE), which received the “Best Feature Award” at the Cambridge Film Festival and an “Honorable Award” at the International Dance Film Festival San Francisco.

Romy Roolf completed a commercial apprenticeship and pursued executive business management studies at ÖKONOM, Wirtschaftsberatungs- und Studiengesellschaft mbH, Berlin. Since March 2022, Romy Roolf has been working as a freelance producer/consulting producer.


Prior knowledge of Maya software and basic animation skills are desirable. The workshop serves as a training and qualification opportunity, imparting core competencies in character animation from the basics. As the workshop is conducted in English, proficiency in the language is required.

Participants are also requested to bring their own laptops/devices for the in-person days. If a personal laptop/PC is not available, hardware can be provided by us for the workshop period for a rental fee of 60.00 euros.


The participation fee is 600.00 euros plus 7% VAT (642.50 euros gross). The rental fee for a working device (if needed) is 60.00 euros (gross).
The participation fee covers expert materials, provision of software, and catering. Not included are travel and accommodation costs for in-person events in Halle (Saale), as well as the technical provision of hardware. We are happy to recommend hotels.

Members of the International Academy of Media and Arts e.V. (IAMA) and the Producers Alliance (PA) receive a 15% discount on the participation fee – please indicate this in writing during registration.

The Investment Bank of Saxony-Anhalt also provides subsidy options for the payment of participation fees in the continuing education sector.

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REGISTRATION ends on 5th May 2024.

Please register with a short motivational letter (max. 2 pages) and your CV.

Photo: Cornelia Freche
This workshop is part of the further education series of the International Academy of Media and Arts e. V. and completes the Vierblatt with the areas of film music, VFX and post-production supervision. Contact: Christiane Blobel

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