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KlangART Vision 2024 – The Unanswered Questions

Charles Ives and Arnold Schoenberg – two outstanding composers of the 20th century – are celebrating their 150th birthdays this year.

Although they lived in the same period and lived to be almost the same age – Ives died just three years after Schönberg in 1954 – their music could not be more different.
Who influenced the entire music world more can be left as an unanswerable question, as both protagonists are considered central figures in their cultural sphere.
What do they embody today and what influence do they have on the music of the 21st century?

We want to get to the bottom of these unanswered questions musically with this year’s KlangART Vision and at the same time open up the space for exciting new questions and discussions

In 2024, the festival will present itself to a broad audience in Saxony-Anhalt for the fifth time. In terms of musical diversity, Saxony-Anhalt occupies a special position in Germany – from George Frideric Handel to John Cage, the state has traditionally been on a long musical journey that is far from over.

KlangART Vision aims to bring contemporary music to life, to convey traditions and to combine them with new musical and interdisciplinary approaches, thereby revealing one or two answers.