Our workshops and further education

The Academy offers workshops and training courses in the areas of post-production, VFX, and animation, which are oriented to the market and needs of the industry. German and international experts advise us on the content and accompany the participants.

If you are interested in a particular topic, you can sort our list of offers according to your preferences (see submenu on the right). You can register through the seperate portfolios.

3D Character Animation – Starting 15th May 2024

7. March 2024

TEXTURING for 3D animation – POSTPONED: start 27th April 2024

18. January 2024

Color Grading Workshop – starting 12th February 2024

25. September 2023

Dolby Atmos for film, music and sound design – 11/23/2023

22. August 2023

VFX ARTIST – starting 26th January 2024

24. July 2023

Postproduction Supervisor – starting 27.10.2023

3. June 2023


10. May 2023


1. August 2022

Postproduction Supervisor – YOUNG 2022

26. July 2022

VFX Artist Fundamentals

28. June 2022

Postproduction Supervisor – PROFESSIONALS 2022

11. May 2022

FILM SOUND POST II: Dolby Atmos for Film, TV and Music

11. April 2022

Postproduction Supervisor 2021

Postproduction Supervisor 2021

16. December 2016

What our graduates say

Postproduction Supervisor – Young

The workshop gave me an exciting and detailed insight into the work in the field of post-production coordination. The expertise and professional input of the speakers was complemented by the personal accounts of their everyday work and therefore made tangible. I found the discussions with the other participants particularly enriching – thanks to the workshop, we were able to network and will continue to support each other in the future. The atmosphere was very informal and cooperative – I am very much able to recommend this workshop!

Svenja Bramfeld

Postproduction Supervisor – Young

I was amazed at how quickly a family atmosphere came about at the workshop. The workshop was aimed at newcomers to the profession, and offered an excellent introduction to the differing disciplines of post-production. The workshop proved to be invaluable for my career, as shortly after it, I was approached by a film production company to coordinate the post-production for a cinema project. Thank you, IAMA!

Julian Quitsch

Postproduction Supervisor – Professionals

The group of participants was very diverse, although it goes without saying that there was too little time – that was already clear in advance. I am absolutely thrilled with the way in which you set up this workshop, though. The selection of lecturers was superb, and at no point did I have the feeling of being at a business workshop, as is often the case. You consistently succeeded in creating a very
personal, intimate atmosphere, and I felt very comfortable. A very big thanks to Niko Remus, who was award-winning in his role of talk show host. I will miss the discussions over coffee, and I am already looking forward to our 10-year class reunion in Halle. Thank you all so much.

Daniel Mock