• 27th & 28th April 2024 – 10 – 5pm
  • Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale)

This workshop is part of the International Academy of Media & Arts (IAMA) “Animation Masterclass” qualification series in the field of animation. After many years of experience in running the European Animation Masterclass, IAMA offers career-accompanying further training in the fields of storyboarding, modeling, rigging/skinning/texturing, background and camera layout, animation and compositing. Industry experts provide in-depth training and coach participants throughout the project.

The current “Animation Masterclass” workshop series is aimed at anyone who wants to bring 3D characters and backgrounds to life. The workshop “Texturing for 3D Animation” deals with the art of giving characters and backgrounds surface structures and coloring them in accordance with the artistic style.

The workshop consists of an in-person weekend in Halle (Saale). Texturing expert Cornelia Freche introduces the topic and coaches the participants in a hands-on session. The results are then presented and evaluated in a feedback session with the participants together with experts from the industry.


Texturing has a major influence on the look of an animated film, series or game and combines technical know-how with creativity. It also plays an important role in 3D modeling in the design sector. Surface textures can be designed either realistically or artistically freely, but they must be coherent in order to create a credible animated world. The textures and coloring provide 3D figures, backgrounds and objects with depth, richness of detail and their own style.


The “Texturing for Animation” workshop is aimed at junior artists, graduates and students with initial experience in design or animation, but also at more experienced artists from related fields and people seeking career changes. Previous experience is not required. As a further training and qualification opportunity, the workshop teaches the core skills in texturing from the basics upwards.


During the workshops, participants are given hands-on tasks.

  • Introduction to the topic of texturing using Blender and Adobe Photoshop
  • Presentation of areas of application in animated film, the gaming industry and the design sector
  • Introduction to the special features of different techniques, e.g. texture painting, creation of seamless textures and the application of finished textures
  • Practice-oriented exercises for texturing characters and set elements for an animation series




Freelancerin Arts & Design

Cornelia Freche, born in Torgau, has been a freelance artist and designer since 2012 with a university degree in design (diploma).

She has extensive experience in the fields of illustration, graphic design and animation, especially for film productions. With skills in software such as Photoshop, Maya and Illustrator, she has worked on projects such as “Dwarves, Witches and a Giant” (2021, children’s book) and “Coppelia” (2019-2020, Motion Works Halle). In addition to her work as a background supervisor and texturing artist, she has also done art direction and character design for various series and films as well as illustration and image retouching for various clients. With a versatile education in porcelain design and extensive studies, Cornelia Freche has had an impressive career in various creative fields. More about Cornelia Freche: https://freche.de/



Romy Roolf has dedicated herself to animated film since 1995.

Before founding MotionWorks in Halle together with Tony Loeser in 1998, she worked for the CineVox group of companies in production and world distribution. (e.g. “The Neverending Story – animated series”, “Hansel and Gretel in the Enchanted Forest”, animated feature film, “Lorenz in the Land of Liars”, hybrid feature film)

Prior to that, she gained experience at Lightview Entertainment Los Angeles, Aspekt Telefilm Hamburg and as Managing Director of Video Vision GmbH Berlin.

At MotionWorks (Mideufilms since October 2021), Romy Roolf was a member of the management board for many years, focusing on financing, production, implementation and packaging of international co-productions. Among others, she was responsible for the feature films “Mullewapp I & II” (GER/I/F), the series “The Adventures of Young Marco Polo I & II” (GER/CDN/LUX/IRE), “I got a Rocket” (GER/USA/AUS) “Emmy Award” and most recently the hybrid feature film Coppelia (NL/GER/BE) “Best Feature Award, Cambridge Film Festival” and “Honorable Award, International Dance Film Festival San Francisco”

Romy Roolf completed a commercial apprenticeship and part-time business administration for executives at ÖKONOM, Wirtschaftsberatungs- und Studiengesellschaft mbH, Berlin.

Romy Roolf has been working as a freelance producer/consulting producer since March 2022.


Participants are asked to bring their own laptop/PC. A device can be borrowed for the workshop days for a fee of 60 euros (incl. VAT).

Blender software (free of charge) and Adobe Photoshop or other image design/drawing software (e.g. Gimp) are also required. Licenses cannot be provided by us. Blender is free of charge, Adobe Photoshop is available as a free trial license (7 days).


The participation fee is 150.00 euros plus 7% VAT (160.50 euros gross).

The price includes the expert’s working materials, participation certificate and catering. Not included are travel and accommodation costs for the events in Halle (Saale) and the technical equipment with hardware and software (see technical requirements). We are happy to recommend hotels.

Members of the International Academy of Media an Arts e.V. (IAMA) and the Producers Alliance (PA) receive a 15% discount on the participation fee. Please indicate if applicable when registering.

Selected students of Burg Giebichenstein are offered participation free of charge, due to a cooperation with the university.

The Sachsen-Anhalt Investment Bank also provides funding for the payment of participation fees in the field of further training.

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Interested parties please send the completed registration form as well as:

1. Motivational letter (max. 2 pages)
2. CV

The information is used to categorize homogeneous working groups.

REGISTRATION ends by the end of 17th April 2024 

Photo: Cornelia Freche
This workshop is part of the further education series of the International Academy of Media and Arts e. V. and completes the Vierblatt with the areas of film music, VFX and post-production supervision. Contact: Christiane Blobel

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